Here is an how to choose properly the ideal size of your BMX:

One of the most important things when you start riding BMX is to choose the right size for you. It's going to be easier to evolve and learn, and you will feel more secure !

A reguler BMX has 20" wheels. Youth BMX (under 1m40) has smaller wheels, 16" and 18", depending on your child size:

  • 80 cm and more : handy-horse BMX (without pedals and cranckset, 12'' wheel)
  • 1m and more : 12'' BMX wheels
  • Between 1m to 1m25 : 16'' BMX wheels
  • Between 1m25 to 1m 40 : 18'' BMX wheels
  • 1m40 and more : 20'' BMX wheels

For all the 20" BMX, you have to choose between many different Top tube size (seat tube to head tube) to find the perfect one for you. 

Lenght is given in inch":

  • 1m20 to 1m45 : Top Tube between 18,5" and 20"
  • 1m40 to 1m60 : Top Tube between 20" and 20.5"
  • 1m55 to 1m75 : Top Tube between 20.5" and 21"
  • 1m70 and more: Top Tube between 21" and more.

These guide is an exemple, it may be different on everyone preferences.

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These guide will helps you to find the perfect BMX ! If you need further informations about details, advices, call our customer service at +33 6 85 17 58 97 or by email at contact@brosstore.fr

Thanks and enjoy.