Some ankle supports are designed to protect against impact on the malleolus, others are developed for real ankle support. With laces or with straps on the front of the foot, the ankle guards are part of the essential riding gear when you ride BMX

For example, the REVIVE collection from SHADOW are developed to help riders get back on the bike after a sprained ankle. Also SPACE BRACE is offering some great ankle pads. Find our selection of pads and helmets from FUSETSGEVOLVE or even SHOT.

Safety first ! Find more of riding gear with our selection of knee padshelmetshin padsgloveselbow padswrist pads.

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  • ANKLE SUPPORT ALPHA BRACES (PAIR): Protect your ankles from impact and stiffen them up to be able to cope with hard landings From Fuse comes the Alpha Ankle Brace set, which will help you stiffen up the area around your ankles and also provide you with protection from impact. They utilise...

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  • TSG ANKLE SUPPORT (pair) : This TSG "Ankle Support" Ankle Support offers prevention against sprains and other ankle related injuries and is made of high quality materials and production. Material: 600D Polyester (coated PU1), ILA-2029B 3D mesh, Polyester, Velcro, elastic...

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  • FUSE ALPHA ANKLE PROTECTOR: The Alpha ankle protector uses a perforated neoprene with air plush lining for comfort. To protect your ankles from impact we use EVA foam padding and polyamide hard shields. Pad Material: Breathable perforated neoprene and Duratex with air plush...

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  • SPACE BRACE ANKLE BRACE 2.0 (PER UNIT):   QUICK LACE TECHNOLOGY Makes application simple and fast. Just undo the velcro easy grips, slip your foot in, and pull across. That’s it!   PROTECTIVE PLASTIC INSERTS Prevent...

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  • Chevillière Space Brace La référence en chevillière. Protège et maintien la cheville. Idéale après une entorse ou une cheville fragile.Approuvé par les riders SKATE, BMX, MTB, SNOW, MX, BASKET etc. Concu dans une matière respirante pour eviter les grosses transpirations .
Sangle ajustable haute...

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  • SHADOW INVISA LITE ANKLE GUARD (pair): ​ The Invisa-Lite Ankle Guards are ergonomically designed using the highest quality materials to provide ankle protection in a simple slip-on design. Slim enough to fit comfortably in any shoe, the high tech 3D impact foam wards off dings...

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  • TSG RIOTS ANKLE / SHIN SOCKS: TSG socks offer good protection around the shin and include a plastic pad to protec your ankle/malleolus  Wearable with classic shoes and under any pants. A nice balance between comfort sport socks and foam shin pad....

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  • SHADOW INVISA-LITE SHIN / ANKLE COMBO:New : youth size available  The Invisa-Lite Shin / Ankle Combo Pad is constructed from a breathable neoprene with a deluxe lining for maximum comfort. Custom designed and articulated high durometer 3D impact foam keeps shins safe. We use a 4 way stretch ankle...

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  • FUSE COMBO ECHO 125 KNEE + SHIN + ANKLE (pair): FUSE is a big name in term of proctection and gear. Trusted by pretty much every rider the ECHO is made in SAS TEC flexible foam a better choc absorbtion.  Here is the full set up pads include Knee pad,...

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  • COMBO FUSE KNEE + SHIN + ANKLE DELTA DFS 125 (paire) Ultimate FUSE combo to protect properly your knee, shin and ankle. The DELTA combo still allow you to move. - Material : neoprene et Duratex for a longlife. - DFS form memory for a better choc absorption.- EVA foam and nylon for a better shin...

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  • SHADOW REVIVE ANKLE (per unit): ​ The Shadow Revive Ankle Support gives you the tool needed for support, recovery and to keep going after an injury. Constructed of 4-way stretch elastic material that is engineered for increased compression and fit without heat retention. The Stabalite...

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