The insoles are really effective when you land a trick with your BMX. This product could fit in all types of shoes, you just have to cut the sole to your size and replace it with the original one in your shoe.

Find our selection of pads and helmets from, SHADOW, FUSETSGEVOLVESPACE BRACE or even SHOT.

Safety first ! Find more of riding gear with our selection of knee padshelmetshin padsgloveselbow pads, wrist pads and ankle pads.

At BROS, we’re a dedicated BMX shop since 2014. We’re mainly focus on BMX Freestyle.

Find a wide choice of spare parts, riding gear, tools to fix your BMX, clothes and shoes.

From an order of 50€, you can choose a gift by adding the code of your choice…

Our sales department, warranty service and logistics are located in France, which allows us to answer very quickly to your request and assist you.

If you want to buy a complete BMX, we give you several tips for choosing the right size.

Come and visit us in our store in Lyon.

Ordering at BROS help us to organized events like BMX STREET STATION.

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